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PoochMate UAE

PoochMate Dog Wellness Spray Combo

PoochMate Dog Wellness Spray Combo

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Pamper your doggie with our perfectly curated hand-blend, 100% natural grooming products.

The box contains 3 of our essential grooming sprays to help keep the coat soft, free of ticks & flea and keep your doggie calm during stressful situations. 

This box consists of 3 items :

1) PoochMate Calming Mist 120ML: We've developed this concoction with years of grooming experience to help you maintain a healthy coat for your doggie!

Made with the goodness of lavender and chamomile, this formulated concoction helps in calming down pets during stressful situations like grooming appointments, thunder, car rides, festivals etc.

  • Calms down dogs during stressful times.
  • Aids in controlling motion sickness during car rides

Ingredients : Lavender Oil, Chamomile.

2) PoochMate Conditioning Spray 100 ML: Our Conditioning Spray is a 100% natural, formulated solution to condition the coat, promote healthy skin and aid in de-tangling.

With years of grooming experience, this was one of the most common issues we found with dogs. This formulation aids in soothing dry, irritated skin and adding luster to brittle coats. The active macadamia oil aids in conditioning and making the coat soft and lustrous.

  • Avoid friction caused by dry brushing.
  • Helps in conditioning the coat, avoiding dryness.
  • Soothes dry, irritated skin and promotes a healthy, shiny coat.

Ingredients Glycerin, Aloe, Macadamia, Honey.

3) PoochMate Pre Walk Anti Tick Spray 120ML

PoochMate Pre-Walk Spray is made with the goodness of certified organic lavender, camphor, neem and lemongrass - all 100% natural ingredients that work at repelling ticks & flea.

Benefits : 

  • Helps in controlling tick & flea infestation

Ingredients: Lavender, Camphor, Neem, Cedarwood

Made in India by PoochMate. All PoochMate grooming products are 100% sustainable and packed in reusable glass bottles.

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