Collection: Dog Beds

Our dog beds are stylish, chic and complement your home.  Each of our dog beds are exclusively designed pieces and the ultimate in luxury and comfy-chic.

A dog bed is not a winter accessory. Dog Beds help your dog in sleeping comfortably, and keep the joints and elbows safe which otherwise get affected by sleeping on hard floor. 

We can also customize and make a bed that suits your dog's needs and blends well with your home interiors!

Bolster Beds
Our best selling dog beds ! These beds are perfectly shaped squares with elevated sides to allow your dog to lie down just the way he/she likes. The soft, raised bolsters work like pillows as some dogs like to sleep with their heads slightly elevated.

Eskimo shaped beds
Some dogs love to curl up for a snooze and our unique shaped Eskimo beds are perfect ! Aesthetically designed & nicely stuffed to give your dog a safe haven to snooze in! These beds have also worked well for dogs with fear of sound or anxiety issues.

Memory Foam Dog beds
Senior dogs and large dogs require joint issues and some young dogs also develop early joint problems which is sometimes genetic. Orthopedic and memory foam beds help to ease the discomfort while lying down and getting up.

These low height memory form beds come with bolsters on three sides or a single pillow to give support while laying down, and enable dogs to walk in and out of the bed without any discomfort. You can check our memory foam beds here.


  • 100% Cotton, making them skin friendly 
  • Fully washable with zips
  • Option to buy extra bed covers
  • Durable stitching, long lasting
  • Large sizes to help sleep better
  • Machine Washable
  • Free Shipping